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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Eye to eye with Chef Matoba

Whether sushi, sashimi or tempura – The Japanese Restaurant in The Chedi Andermatt enjoys great popularity. And now it offers even more: “We’ve built a new teppan* into the counter. Guests who choose to sit at the tempura and teppanyaki counter may watch Chef Matoba up close as he prepares the dishes”, explains Jean-Yves Blatt, Hotel Director of The Chedi Andermatt. “The new griddle is a perfect complement to the dishes we have been offering in The Japanese Restaurant. Now we can offer aficionados of Japanese cuisine virtually everything.”

The concept of The Japanese Restaurant has been adjusted accordingly. It now offers a mix of traditional and modern Japanese cuisine. “The focus is clearly on sushi, tempura and teppanyaki. But we also offer a modern five-to-ten course kaiseki menu.” Kaiseki is a traditional Japanese dinner of many courses and can be compared with western haute cuisine. It sublimely combines the taste, texture, appearance and colour of the foods. Thus, fresh seasonal local ingredients are used. Each kaiseki course is presented on a carefully selected dish that harmonizes with both the food and the seasonal theme. “Of course, our guests may also order any dish à la carte.”

What mustn’t be missing for a typical Japanese meal is sake (rice wine). “We want to expand our selection of sake. Our sommelier will put together an ideal sake pairing for each dish. In spite of the popularity of Japanese cuisine, most guests know too little about the different sakes.” Plum wines will also enjoy greater representation on the wine list.

“The Japanese” Restaurant begins its summer season on Wednesday, June 8, and is scheduled to remain open through mid-October.

*Teppanyaki: dishes prepared on a steel griddle (teppan) right at the table. Teppan are built into combined dining/cooking islands or counters in Japanese restaurants (Wikipedia).

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