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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Unusual garage for golf cars

As the first golf course in Switzerland, Andermatt Swiss Alps Golf Course has appropriated the trendy Garia golf cars. Ten of these multifunctional speedsters are available for the golfers. Of course, such an exclusive fleet deserves a suitable accommodation.

Right next to the golf clubhouse stands a hundred-year-old barn. Samih Sawiris has always said it’s important not to simply tear it down. Many ideas and plans for what could be done with this building have been proposed. This spring, based on the experience gained during the pre-opening phase of operation, it was decided to remodel or expand the stable into a so-called “back shop”. Urs Herger, Project Manager for Planning and Construction at Andermatt Swiss Alps AG, has taken up the project and converted the old barn into a charming building for storing golf equipment, rental trolleys and the aforementioned golf cars. Furthermore, a small workshop has been set up in the basement.

Hand in hand, the workers took on the race against time. “A big challenge was undeniably the short (re)construction schedule. We started in April and had to be ready for the official opening on June 25. This required good coordination and logistics.” At first glance, the converted barn looks somewhat ill proportioned. But that’s because the surrounding grade was raised by 1.5 to 2 metres. “To avoid any future problems caused by the potential infiltration of underground damp, we built a waterproof concrete basin in the basement. We have also changed the floorplan, put in a new interstitial level, and reinforced the roof framing. To preserve the character of the old barn, the original hand-hewn framing timbers and the round wood purlins were left exposed inside the building. On the other hand, the exterior wood siding was replaced. We selected Douglas fir with a larch finish.”

Another special feature of the back shop is the complex power-supply system. “The ten golf cars and many of the hand trolleys run with electric motors. Since we don’t want to charge all the batteries at the same time, we had to control the sockets with a timer switch. Although we can’t use all the outlets simultaneously, we can still sufficiently charge all the batteries overnight. This solution is very economical, and we didn’t have to install an oversized, expensive transformer.” The new old back shop is seeing lively use. Where hay was formerly stored and cows once slept is now the garage for ten smart golf cars.

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