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Andermatt Swiss Alps

The SkiArena is growing and growing

Baustart Gondelbahn Andermatt-Nätschen-Gütsch


It has arrived – the building permit for the Andermatt-Nätschen-Gütsch gondola cableway – so construction of the new lift can begin. “Actually, we would have to wait for the 30-day appeal period to expire”, explains Tobias Gisler, Head of Technical Services at Andermatt Sedrun Sport AG, “but we submitted a request to the federal authorities to start works early and they approved it.” On September 5 the first preparatory works will begin. If the weather stays this nice, the two cable anchors will be installed at the base station this year and the lift builder Garaventa can begin installing the cableway machinery.

But the gondola cableway in Andermatt is not the only construction site currently in progress. The chairlift at Oberalppass, started already last year, is now being completed without any great hurry. Tobias Gisler lights up with enthusiasm: “It’s a great 6-seater chairlift with hood and elegant Porsche design by Bartholet. And we’re not just building the lift; the snowmaking equipment between Oberalppass and Calmut is also new.”

If you turn your gaze towards the Gütsch you will also see things happening there. The replacement system for the old Grossboden T-bar lift is under construction. Following a slightly different course, the new chairlift will run from Unter Stafel to Gütsch. “And here too of course we are dependent on the weather. As long as autumn delivers what the late summer days promise, we will be ready for the winter season on time.”

Good things come in threes – the chairlift from Hinter Bördli to Strahlgand is also under construction. This is the first of three linking lifts for the merging ski area of Andermatt-Sedrun. “Our goal is to have the lift machinery at the base station in place and under roof before winter arrives. Ideally, we will also be able to build pier foundations 2 through 4 before the first major snowfall. But all in all, construction of the cableway is somewhat more complex than that of Unter Stafel – Gütsch. That’s why we will be able to finish only by next winter.”

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