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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Gotthard Residences: Time for a closer look

When the door opens, you feel like you are stepping into another world. The model apartment in the Gotthard Residences puts you in the holiday mood. The first thing you notice is the cosy living room in modern alpine chic style. The plush carpet makes you want to kick off your shoes and feel the fluffy comfort barefoot. Pillows and a fur blanket lie on the sofa, perfect for cuddling.

The apartment is equipped with a modern kitchen. There you can prepare a hearty breakfast before a long day of skiing, or cook a delicious fondue dinner for your visitors. Every square metre of space is perfectly planned. At the table, with practical bench seat and two chairs, you can not only dine but also spend a pleasant evening playing cards or talking.

The comfortable bed in the bedroom promises a relaxing night’s sleep. Immediately adjacent is the bathroom with bathtub. When you come home with tender muscles after skiing or golfing, you can enjoy a soothing bath here – preferably with a fine glass of wine and candlelight.

Perhaps you are feeling re-energised now and ready for something other than a cosy evening within your own four walls. You gaze out the window to the piazza and see that it really is still too early for bed. A lot of people are strolling around outside on the wintry square. Isn’t a concert in the concert hall of the Radisson Blu Hotel scheduled for this evening? The tiredness after a day’s activities is suddenly gone – and nightlife is calling.

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