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Andermatt Swiss Alps

New train station in Andermatt

The Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (MGBahn) has big plans for the Andermatt train station. The station will be completely reworked over the next few years. A whole new building will be built on the other side of the tracks, the north side. Featuring a barrier-free design, the new station will include shops, offices and apartments. This comprehensive redevelopment represents a major challenge for the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn. MGBahn CEO Fernando Lehner explains that it is a complex construction project “because we will maintain uninterrupted operation. It is also one of the largest investments for the MGBahn. If we realise everything we’ve planned, the investment sum will exceed 200 million francs.”

Several phases of construction are planned, and the planning for the first phase is already definite. It includes the new station hall and the first section of the “main north building”. The station hall will house a large service centre, commercial space for shops, and office space. On the upper floors, some 30 rental apartments of various sizes will be built. This phase will continue into 2018. The following phases include the expansion of the main north building with additional residential space, additional underground parking space, and possibly the construction of municipal facilities such as a fire brigade station or a maintenance shop.

Starting in 2018, six new covered tracks and platforms will be built. Thanks to the roof, trains can be parked there overnight. The MGBahn will apply for the building permit for this sub-project “Railway Systems” in 2017. Execution of the project is expected to last until 2024.

The new train station at Nätschen will be finished already in 2017. It has been moved 400 meters towards Andermatt, closer to the mid-station of the Andermatt-Nätschen-Gütsch gondola cableway. Preparatory work began in 2016 and is progressing very well. Egon Gsponer, Head of Infrastructure at MGBahn, is satisfied with the construction progress: “There is not only a new station, but we have also slightly adjusted the lines of the tracks. Also, the layout is much safer for winter sport guests, as we have built an underpass. The construction site is now closed for the winter. If we continue to progress so fast and if the weather plays along with us, we will be finished right on time for the start of winter season 2017/2018.”

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