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Andermatt Swiss Alps

Andermatt presents – contemporary and traditional

“Kunst im Rohbau” is the name of a new gallery that recently opened its doors in Andermatt. The founder & curator duo, Mari Russi and Lesley Pollock, swiftly organised an exhibition with prints by the young Portuguese artist Frederico Morim and works by the two Uri stone sculptors Gedeon Regli senior and junior. “We had three weeks to make a gallery out of this empty space. Thanks to the strong support of various tradespeople from Andermatt – and because we went to work ourselves with the drill – we did it.” The pictures by Frederico Morim lend the room warmth and suitably counterpoint the artwork of father and son Regli, with forms reduced to the essence.

The eye-catcher in the entrance area is Gedeon Regli junior’s “The Guardian” – a larger-than-life slender female sculpture, which is to be cast in bronze. Then the eye is soon drawn to the colourful prints displayed on the walls. “We had no special expectations when we opened the gallery here, but of course we hoped that Andermatt would be ready for a gallery – and we were not disappointed! The feedback has been absolutely positive, and we have already sold some pictures.” That’s why the two women have decided to leave the exhibition in place until the beginning of March. Besides the exhibition, workshops are also offered on the premises.

The happenings in Andermatt are not restricted to the modern – a special exhibition “100 Jahre Schöllenenbahn” (100 years of the Schöllenen railroad) is currently open at the Talmuseum Ursern (Urseren Valley Museum). Museum staff member Ruth Zigerlig explains: “The hard and dangerous work people undertook to conquer the Schöllenen Gorge is nearly unthinkable. For the people of Andermatt, this railway is the link to the valley region.” That’s why its appeal is much more than just nostalgic. So not only visitors interested in the historical details will find much of interest in the exhibition. Comprehensive technical data has been gathered and collated. Smiling, Ruth Zigerlig confirms: “Actually, we’ve mainly had male visitors to this exhibition – and rail fans.” The special exhibition in the Talmuseum Ursern will be open through April 15.

This spring, Andermatt will also receive a permanent art installation. The artist Ugo Rondinone, who comes from Brunnen and now lives in New York, will design a striking sculpture to adorn the new roundabout leading to the resort.

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